Inspiration of the day

I came across this today and I just had to share because it is so true and many needs to read this today!


The end of a chapter

The end of a chapter only marks the beginning of a new one! It’s not over yet!

This is so true, the book, the growth, the learning, the excitement and the suspense can always continue.

Never leave a page unturned if you get bored or tired rest bookmark it and come back to it or simply start a new book.

Obviously I am not talking about books I am talking about the book of life!

Always start a new chapter always keep going, challenge yourself never give up.

Scorpion by Drake is here!!

Yes my husband has been mad busy and the wait was worth it!

So many hits and bangers on this album.

You can truly hear and see Drakes growth. So loving this album and it is of course my weekend Album recommendation.

I love the way he addresses the gossip about his secret child! About why he chose not to make a response diss track!

Right what are my favourites: I love jaded, nice for what, survival, Sandra’s rose, 8 out of 10, elevate, gods plan, mob ties and peak to name a few!

Check the album out and my playlists on Spotify! Remember to add me too!


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