New product reviews coming soon

I have been sent 2 new products to review I will be doing a blog and a vlog for these.

I am so excited about these new products the Schol pedi and the Veet wax kit.

Review coming soon


Flat ironed


I flat ironed my hair a month ago and the growth is amazing. 2 year Length check time soon will be uploading soon.

Carved and Painted Accesories by Amandine Gaudin


I came across this image today and I had to locate the designer. These beautifully crafted accessories are Carved and Painted by Amandine Gaudin.

You know not only do I love hand made jewellery and accessories or any thing handmade really that I also love natural, ethnic cultured items. I also make jewellery and I am so inspired by these items because they are just so original.

To see more by Amandine Gaudin items please visit their Facebook page page here