The power of Hugging!! Hug someone today!! Organic mind sessions!

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Happy New Year (reflection)

New year is fast approaching I hope that you all have a lovely night and an even better new year ahead.
No new year resolutions for me because it’s a pile of tosh, each day I work towards my goals and I will not use the new year to set up resolutions I can’t keep too.
Everyday we should be bettering ourselves every year we should be remembering loved ones not just at Christmas and new year! I am still on my pursuit to happiness and the road is long with many detours.
My wish for the new year is that people start to open their eyes to the many things that go on in the world the things the media fails to show you.
Educate your mind and always remember there are people out in this world worse off than you!
Be thankful for all that you have embrace people who show you love and do not waste time on those who don’t but feel sorry for them.
Reflect on the money making season that just past and think did you give thanks to the most high for waking up to see it or did you just fill your belly and focus on gifts? Feeling in that kind of mood today have fun be safe and remember we all could do better in the new year. Happy New Year XxX

Natural hair Inspiation

I wanted to share some images of hair inspiration which has kept me on the straight and narrow in my journey to grow my hair natural and free from chemical treatments.

At times embracing my new hair has been a learning kerb and hard but building my YouTube channel and trying new things and learning and sharing has helped me so much.

I am in love with my hair and I feel it has changed me so much, but a change that was welcomed.

I have now been Natural 14 Months since my last relaxer and 12 plus  months since my big chop.

I transitioned (had part relaxed and natural roots) for 2 months before cutting off the remaining relaxer.

For those of you embarking on this exciting new you, exciting new journey always remember the reason why you wanted to go natural and hang in there.

Most of all remember we all have different hair types so hair envy should be just that envy but love what is on your head and do styles that suites your texture and style.

I have hair envy for big big long hair but right now I have neck length hair and I am happy with my hair.


Good luck to all just starting and here is to healthy chemical free hair to all my Naturals out there



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I want to be an Entrepreneur

My mind is constantly thinking of a way to work hard and be happy.

I often stay up late and go to bed late with ideas running through my head and wake thinking of how to get that thought into something that works.

I have always been creative, hands on and I have always known that I want to work for myself and work and be happy.

I still keep on going ticking ideas and goals off my list and I will not stop until I make it all come together.

Anyone who decided to leave the regular 9-5 playing field in order to make their own dreams and aspirations work often are frowned upon.

If you step outside of that box many will talk or tell you that you are crazy.

Many will not say a thing but watch wishing that you fall, belive me there are people like that out there.

I made it my business after my youngest was born that now was the time to dig deep on my own business goals and directions because with him not being in school and time on my hands it was now or never.

Sometimes things will not work but I guess the reason for this blog right here is simply to say chase your dreams and follow your heart because when you have passion for something you will create the best work you ever could. When you lack passion you lack drive you lack determination to do your best.

Nothing is wrong with working the 9-5 rather than working for yourself but if you do work for something that inspires you that keeps you ticking skipping and happy.

Too many wait in a job just for that pension Why? would you not rather your last working days to make you look back and smile.

Think about it and have a wonderful day


Blessings xx