Save the children ~Christmas Jumper Day 2018 ~ Primark

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Offset apologises to Cardi B

So my thoughts well done for apologising 🙏🏾… But things are never the same after your trust has been broken! People make mistakes I get that but own it! Cheating is a choice, it shows weakness and often a lack of respect… some are just not satisfied with what they have and are willing to risk everything if they can get away with it… speaking from experience it breaks you as a person is it worth your sanity??

Happy Monday

Zayden loves Friday and the weekend this is his response lately when I film him or tell him it’s time to get ready for nursery!

How I feel every Monday ha ha

Have a lovely start to your week xx

There is nothing worse than a liar!

Liars are the worst!

Can’t be trusted! They are selfish, low life individuals! That cause hurt pain, they spoil the dynamics of the world! Promises the earth knowing they have no intentions or ability of delivering! Many are thieves out for what they can get and take! Un trustworthy and should be avoided at all costs!

Nothing more to say here Ice Cube summed this up perfectly!