My fitness journey begins this week! (Again!)

I decided not to put this as part of my 90 day challenge because my healthy lifestyle is a way of life and this should be the same for my fitness health and weightless. I want to kick off the week documenting my workouts, weightless and measurements. I have been so pre occupied and unable to find the time to work out but this is now top of my priority because I feel as though I am letting my self down.


From Monday I will aim to work out every other day even if it is just some sit ups. I will log into my fitness pal and note my food and exercise and I will blog my journey and do some videos with my progress and eventually my work out routine or what I am doing to drop the pounds. I am still weighing in at 13 and a half stone and wish to drop 2 and a half stones by March 2017 which is doable and then maintain.

I am breast feeding less and baby is now having more formula and on solids so no excuses “lets get it!”.

I am still here find out what I have been up to!

I know that it has been ages since my last post and for that I am very sorry.

Life has been very face paced lately and I now have found that balance or at least I hope ;0) and right now it is time to get back to what I love which is blogging and making videos. I am always updating my twitter and instragram you can add me by looking on the side bar of my blog my user name is naturalloveuk.

I have been very busy with working, studying, jewellery making and photography.

This year I have been taking my weight loss journey a little more seriously and implemented a complete lifestyle change by eating cleaner and juicing I will post some of my journey here but you will mostly find my updates on instraram. Previously I think that I was not as dedicated as I should have been and like most I wanted results quickly I have now leaned that progress is slow it did not take a few days to gain this weight so I should expect that it will take a little time and dedication to get the weight off and to be fitter than I was before. Now I work out at home and at the gym 5 days a week, I cut out sugar, coffee, reduced salt and I keep up with my water intake and I try to get a good nights sleep things that I did not do as well previously.

I love working out at home I restarted Beach Body and Insanity this week and I do my pilates and yoga. My favorite Gym work out classes are Les Mills classes, body attack and body step. I love Zumba and Kettle bells as well.

My favorite machine is the Elliptical trainer, and I love weights.

I bought a great juicer 100 x better than my old one and I now have fresh juice each day I had a 5 day cleanse for this I replaced breakfast and lunch with juice and ate a super healthy dinner. The first few days was so tuff and I kicked the coffee yes you heard it right I did. I had no idea how relient I became on the stuff it was hard I suffered with awful headaches but now I feel invigorated and I have much more energy than coffee or energy drinks ever gave me.

I now try and lower my calorie intake and replace snacks and calories with fresh juice, plenty of water and , green tea.

My weight is going down I will share these results soon, I feel healthier I am able to do more with my workouts and my back aces have gotten so much better since I have been working out more I am not sure if it is a result of my fitness levels, diet or weight loss but I will never give up because now I actually see the results slowly but surely. One thing I have noticed over the course of my journey is that I notice my results mostly by measuring myself quicker than the scales show my results. This may be because I am turning fat into muscle but I no longer beat myself up and I am patient.

I will update you very soon I will share some images from the past few weeks in my next post.

Take care





Dukan friendly food ideas from this year part 1

Few dishes and recipes I use


1 can of Tuna in brine

natural yogurt

2 tablespoons of cottage cheese

teaspoon of mustard

dried or fresh chili (optional)


Great ti eat with a salad, oat bran bread, galletes or as it is.





Dukan bread

8 table spoons of Oat bran

2 tablespoons of fromage frais ore natural yogurt low fat

Optional 1 tablespoon of low fat cream cheese

2 eggs whites made into peaks

Pinch salt


2 table spoons of splender or sugar substitute

mix all ingredients together then fold in the whites and bake for 15 mins or until done




Oat bran flour chop in a hand blender or with a liquidizer attachment





Dukan friendly fish cake (healthy lifestyle ideas)

White fish

1 Chili

Oat bran or oat bran flour (check my channel for oat bran flour)

1 egg

thai seasoning

1 taespoon of curry powder

pinch of herbs, pepper and salt.

Food process or use a liquidizer attachment

Form into small patti cakes /burgers

coat in the oat bran

back for 10-15 mins until one on gas mark 5 





Lemon diet/dukan friendly cheesecake recipe

2 eggs separated whisk whites

8 heaped tablespoons cottage cheese

2 tablespoons of low at natural yogurt

4 tablespoons of sweeter

pinch salt

1/2 small lemon and zest

4 tablespoons of custard

1 tablespoon cornflour


Blend everything with a hand blend apart from egg whites


Ad whites to the mix

Bake for 10-15 mins take out when set do not let it get too brown.


Chill for 4 hours



Dukan Update what is on my plate

Dukan Update

So I am feeling really proud of myself today I had a great start by having a sausage and a pouched egg for my breakfast, I had a boiled egg for lunch I have not been feeling very hungry today.

For dinner I had chicken and veg and some low fat Greek yogurt later today.

It is so much easier to follow the diet when you plan ahead. I was looking forward to my chicken and veg today tomorrow I will be having roast chicken and veg , sounds repetitive but you get used to it..

I will let you know what I have for breakfast tomorrow I plan on doing my Turbo jam work out tomorrow also I am looking forward to that.