Inspiration of the day


You don’t have to understand me

Do you ever wake up in a reflexive mood?

This morning I’m awake and I am lying in bed just thinking!

I am desperate to make things happen with various projects after years of procrastinating and boy it is not easy.

The older you get the more responsibility you have the more difficult the new journey/path is.

I have my jewellery, photography, my YouTube, blogging, website and various other things I am working on all whilst being a mother working and finishing my degree.

My degree is a business degree which hopefully will help me with my passions and if not it will help me get more money out of the matrix.

I just can’t help but think there is more to life sometimes more than the matrix. I watch people all the time people watching is my thing and majority of the people I see are miserable or walk around with some chip on their shoulders, some burden on their shoulders. Just plodding along but not genuinely happy. No one smiles at people, say hello, greet strangers. No one has time for anyone anymore.

Why do so many people have dreams instead of goals? Why?

This upsets me because in order to do something or live out your “dream” you must first speak it into existence, you must make a plan you must take action! Set a goal and go for it. Too many people have shudda couldda wouldda’s!!

This is not only with your job this is a rule everybody should live by. I have made choices in my life and I have thrown out the rule book.

One thing I always say is never live your life through others, pay no attention to what others think or may say. You only have one life you could die right now! Die knowing you lived your best life! Die without regrets, die knowing you tried.

Too many people worry about failure! Most of the richest, the happiest, the most successful people did not get where they are by sitting on their arse! By not taking risks! By not trying.

Throw out the rule book of life try something new today! Change your “dreams” and set them as “goals!”.

I have a different way of looking at and living my life after being in a toxic relationship for years I realised there is so much more to life! Never stop until you get what you want! Remember you are worth the very best in life and go and get it! Go find what makes you happy and run with it!

Many people do not understand me but this is exactly what I mean. I honestly do not care and I will never worry about what people think! Your opinions, your thoughts and your negativity will never hinder my progress or phase me! I will never allow others to tell me how to live my life! I will never allow others to crash my journey because this is my life and I only have one! I live unapologetically!

I plan to live the best life that I can! I plan to be happy! I plan to be free!

Stay Fabulous x

ASOS uses real women

I am totally overcome with joy and happiness when looking at the recent ASOS collection. The thing that has me totally gassed is not the hot new summer looks but the gorgeous women totally owning their stripes, standing proudly in their outfits baring all for the world to see.

Why is this making the news? Why are we shocked happy or even interested?

Why is it that we today look at women on clothing websites, catalogues, images and magazines and we do not see “real women!” As opposed to photoshopped air brushed women?

I think that ASOS needs credit where credit is due! Good on you this type of imagery could help not just sell clothing but it could help with body image issues, depression, illnesses. Do you think I am a little over the top? Listen we live in a world today where airbrushing & photoshop is standard practice but how is this real life.

I am a mum of three and believe me I am donning some serious tiger stripes and constantly trying to get my muffin top under control!

So why am I made to feel alone, embarrassed or that clothing will not look right or is not made for me? I am a “real women” After all! Right?

Children, young adults need to see that this is real life! Real people and the more I see women and people of different sizes, colour and body types! The more I see “real women” is the more I can believe we are getting somewhere in this world!

ASOS always use women that represents the variety of women in our world and I commend them for that.

Well done ASOS

Sunday morning music and cooking kind of vibe

I am in the kitchen I have been since the early hours. My house smells of love and the aromas are taking over the neighbor hood I can smell my sweet cooking each time I take a break in my garden.

Now my cooking vibes are taken up a notch when I play the big tunes!

The inspiration flows my creativity in the kitchen and things I need to do out of the kitchen flows. House work becomes effortless.

Playlists start being formed as the reminiscing begins the classics the current hits damn I start thinking I am a top chef!

But anyway Sunday’s are made for this mummy has her groove on and my princes shall dine like royalty.

I remember my mum cooking the biggest Sunday dinners while listening to “DJ Keithly in the morning ” on Station FM.

Memories and traditions that pass down each generation to feed the nation.

How do you spend you Sunday’s?

Here is this Sunday’s playlist

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R.I.P XXXTentacion

I am absolutely gutted by the death of XXXTentacion this week who was shot dead. A waste of a life and I am getting fed up of senseless murders.

He was a young talented artist and he has touched so many with his music.

He has been through a lot in his short life but many continue to bring up the negatives and his past.

His music touches on so many current issues in the world and that people face.

There are so many positives to take from him and at the age of 20 he was still living and learning.

He has so many songs that me and my boys love and his style was so fluid so different he will be missed.

RIP XXXTentacion

I wanted to take the time to share his Spotify link

Intermittent Fasting

I am on day 3 of my intermittent fasting journey and this is sure not easy but getting easier. It is mostly mind over matter or in my case mind over belly ha ha!

Well I was never a breakfast person but I made up for it on the way with a nibble on cake, fruit smoothies or something naughty once the hunger crept up by 10 at work. I know the exact time believe me. But my problem is I don’t really eat after 6 any way but I pick up cake fruity deserts crisps, cereal now this has all stopped.

This is definitely a lifestyle change I want to keep because it is teaching me discipline and to care more about what goes into my body.

I do mainly eat clean but could be cleaner, leaner !

I have not had carbs in three days but I think I may have to today as I am not sure restricting carbs is helping much apart from me not feeling fuelled enough once I have worked out.

I walk around with my Brita water bottle so much so I lived in the toilet yesterday which is very annoying but I know I am cleansing and detoxing.

Working out 5 days a week and walking as much as possible which is a change from driving so much and the weather is not too bad which makes it easier.

I will be uploading at the end of the week about how I am getting on but most of my updates will be on my blog with me directing views here because my filming schedule is high and I want to get into writing more.

Wish me luck today